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TunesDay: welcome to Pop Underground

We write about music here from time to time and I know that a lot of our readers look forward to posts about tuneage. If you love music and want to hear more, let me introduce you to a new music site you may appreciate, and one that comes with the coveted S&R Seal of Approval: Pop Underground.

PopU has emerged from a list I’ve been on for years called Audities. Most of the conversation there revolves around Power Pop (or, as we like to put it, “insanely great pop”), but you never know when things will turn to other genres. PopU has set itself a slightly larger mission – insanely great music: rock, metal, electronica, industrial/darkbeat, folk, and every imaginable derivation thereof – it’s all fair game.

I’m one of the founding members, along with S&R’s very own Jim Booth and former scrogue Pat Vecchio, and our roster of blogging musicians, critics, and fans is growing by the day.

Right now PopU features articles on:

  • Sia
  • Rob Dickinson
  • Joy Division
  • Todd Rundgren
  • Doco
  • Ed James
  • Frank Ciampi
  • Don Dixon
  • John Howard
  • Corn Mo
  • U2

How’s that for variety?

So when you’ve finished frying your brain on the hard stuff here at S&R, you’re invited to drop by and enjoy something a little less stressful at Pop Underground.

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  1. Liked your post about little-known bands that were influential. Here’s my submission: Albert King. Almost every rock guitarist, if via Jimi Hendrix, springs from the man who made string-bending an art.