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The tear-jerking story of the making of WALL-E

by Djerrid

I won’t ruin a good story by doing a bad synopsis. Suffice to say it starts out with a woman watching the trailer and ends with her boyfriend pushing a giant ball at a desk lamp. Pixar is as awsome as the movies they make.


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  1. Damn. We saw Hancock last night (my call). Should have gone with Wall-E.

  2. Yeah, your loss. Especially if Hancock is as bad as they say.

    WALL-E also has a cleaver webpage for Buy-n-Large, the global dominating corporation in the movie.

    Be sure to read its privacy policy:
    “In order to access services through our site, you must provide us with certain personal information such as your name, your Vari-Credit number and expiration date, your Vari-Credit billing address, your telephone number, your e-mail address and the name or names of the person(s) in your immediate family. We may also ask you for other personal information, such as your medical history.

    All acquired customer information becomes the property of the Buy n Large corporation and can be used (but is not limited to) any venture the Buy n Large Corporation deems beneficial to it. By visiting Buy n Large (or a Buy n Large partner) the user agrees to relinquish (if requested) any personal assets that may be deemed “usable” by the Buy n Large Corporation; this includes (but is not limited to) real estate, stock holdings, user transportation, employment income and the users “soul” (either real or imagined, regardless of spiritual or religious affiliation).

    By visiting the Buy n Large website you become a registered member of the Buy n Large Database. You may not unsubscribe to this database at any time.”