Will the real John McCain please stand up

by Amaury Nora

In an effort to win back lost Hispanic votes, Republican presidential hopeful Senator John McCain held a closed door meeting with more than 100 Hispanic leaders in Chicago. However, things did not turn out as he hoped.

Blogger Matt Ortega reports that the event was attended by Rosanna Pulido, State Director for the Illinois Minutemen Project, who was not too thrilled with McCain’s double talk on immigration.

“I have friends in Washington, DC, on this issue,” she says. “We’ve had conversations on this issue.” After comprehensive immigration reform was killed in the Senate and McCain changed his rhetoric on the subject on the campaign trail, Pulido says, “we were hopeful after John McCain started saying, ‘I understand where the American people are coming from, there’s gotta be enforcement first,’ we thought great, he’s had a change of heart.”

So she went to the meeting, a room full of 150-200 people. “Sure enough,” Pulido says, “his mantra at the meeting was comprehensive immigration reform.’ And there were cheers and applause whenever he mentioned comprehensive immigration reform.”

“Then he said, ‘I bet some of you don’t know this — did you know Spanish was spoken in Arizona before English?’ And the crowd roared. I was appalled,” Pulido said. “He was pandering to these people — that’s what they wanted to hear.”

McCain knows he cannot win the election without the Latino vote. However, by pandering to his audience when it comes to immigration, John McCain is playing a dangerous game – one that will cost him the Latina/o vote come election day.

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  1. Maybe it was time to start asking about the extent and depths of the GOP’s interconnexions with, and involvement in, racist and white-supremacist groups and movements, dominated largely by the weird and unwholesome.

    Even if such are tending, “for obvious reasons,” to the sub rosa (as in keeping a low profile in this respect to avoid “attracting suspicions”).