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S&R goes mobile

Mobility is a big deal, with more people getting their news and entertainment via mobile devices like PDA and web-enabled phones. We here at S&R get that, and tonight we’re happy to announce that the site has been upgraded so we’re easy to read on your mobile device.

Next time you’re away from your desk but you’re jonesing for your S&R fix, point your mobile browser our way and check us out.

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  1. Like it’s even going to matter when we’re all sucked into the black hole… still pretty cool, though.

  2. Cool. just checked. I’m using IE on my phone. When you go to the comment section, you might want to have a little more of a left border on the original post. right now, it’s right up against the edge. Everywhere else, you have a couple of pixels of space. Other than that, it looks good.

    Any way to get a smaller masthead that matches your regular page to go on the top? I’m assuming you’re using PHP to do some of this. Seems like you could have an if-then statement in there for that. I’m betting it’s already there, you just aren’t using an image, right?