The father and daughter who war-monger together

The Cheney tag team is in the ring at the same time versus Iran.

In recent days we’ve seen headlines from Bush’s European farewell tour like this from the London Times: “President George Bush starts talking language of a dove.” Also, in an apparent admission that his beef with Iran might not be settled during his presidency, Bush, as reported by Agence France Press, said: “I’ll leave behind a multilateral framework to work this issue.” Continue reading

Tennessee Williams still standing even if his House is wobbly—Review: A House Not Meant to Stand

Tennessee Williams spent the last few years of his life writing, revising, rewriting, and reworking a play that would become his final frustrated howl at the world.

And he considered it a comedy.

In fact, Williams subtitled A House Not Meant to Stand “a gothic comedy.” But instead of creepy, stately old castles or Victorian mansions, the gothic environment Williams creates is a Faulknerian, dilapidated-glory-of-the-South sadness embodied by a ramshackle house that leaks through the entire play. Continue reading

Nota Bene #27

Got hot links if you want ’em!

In his (London) Independent article, “No, Johnny, No: Chuck Berry joins chorus of musicians snubbing McCain’s campaign,” Leonard Doyle writes: “There was a groan at McCain headquarters as it suffered yet another musical derailment. An attempt to use Abba’s ‘Take A Chance On Me’ also bombed. We played it a couple times and it’s my understanding [Abba] went berserk,’ Mr McCain said.”

In “Why Are People Like Me Left Out Of Your Health Care Proposal, Sen. McCain?” at Think Progress back in April, Elizabeth Edwards wrote about health-care companies balking at covering the old and ill: “I suspect that if they could, they would write obstetrical-only policies for nuns.” Continue reading