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TunesDay: rock stars have too much sex and make weird faces while they play….

For those of you who’ve fallen behind on your reading about the peccadilloes and peculiarities of musicians, here are a couple of articles (don’t worry – they consist mostly of pictures) to get you up to speed on the all important areas in which our musical heroes excel – having lots of casual sex and making weird faces on stage.

First, from Blender Magazine comes a list of the most oversexed musicians (don’t worry – both Mick Jagger and R Kelly made the cut) And of course we all have some idea who might be #1 in the “having more sex than anyone should” category:

Yup. Leave it to Mr. Yuck Gene Simmons to have the dubious honor of being the most oversexed musician in the music business.


From that now most useless of all sources of information about music, Rolling Stone Magazine, comes this article about the (again, mostly pictures, so no worries about having to read lots of words and stuff) weird faces guitarists make while they’re playing. Lots of folks you’d expect here (Carlos Santana, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Thom York).

But my favorite is this guy – Frank Iero of of My Chemical Romance – who looks like his caption – “The Up Chuck.”


Finally, here’s an album you should all have in your collections. After all, we’d never want to forget when Amishmania swept the planet:


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  1. I’m pretty sure that had I been a rock star, I could have left ol’ Gene in the dust. And what the hell does “more sex than anyone should have” mean, anyway? Sounds like pure envy to me.

  2. Obviously, Euphrosyne, you don’t subscribe to the Gen. Ripper “preservation of precious bodily fluids” theory. Neither do I – hell, I guess you’re right….

  3. Nope. If Slim Pickens can ride an A-bomb down onto my head at any moment, I see no point in hoarding the juices of joy.

  4. Thanks for cluing us into the Blender article. I liked this quote by Bill Wyman of the Stones:

    “In 1965, we sat down one evening and worked out that since the band had started two years earlier, I’d had 278 girls, Brian 130, Mick about 30 and Charlie had none.”

    Apparently not in attendance, Keith was probably up to 1,000 by then.

    Another notorious, but little-known “ladies’ man” and not included in Blender’s list was Brian Eno. . .

    After a brief marriage and the birth of his first daughter Hannah, he left his wife and set off for psychedelic London. Here he joined Roxy Music, put on a feather boa and make-up, and proceeded to feast on the groupies who flocked to their gigs. According to his room-mate on an early Roxy tour, who remembers being kept awake most nights by the keyboard player’s prolonged and noisy couplings, Eno would take Polaroid photos of his conquests and proudly lay them all out on the floor at the end of the tour. He wrote a song, The Fat Lady of Limbourg, in memory of one.

    There was loads more guilt-free casual sex to be had once Eno’s solo career took off. On a holiday to Thailand in 1979, he was recognised by the German owner of a girlie bar who invited him to stay for two weeks, all incidentals paid. When Eno moved to New York in 1980, he did so, he said, because “its beautiful women are at the cutting edge of culture just by the way they move, the way they look”. Among the many striking things Eno has to say about his unusual libidinous preferences, two stand out: his claim to be “terribly attracted to women with ocular damage,” and his cryptic assertion that “the bottom is the large brain”.