Busted space loo – no laughing matter

Perhaps you’ve been following the story about the malfunctioning space toilet. Our buddy Mike Pecaut – Dr. Mike Pecaut, an actual rocket scientist who’s had numerous experiments up on the space shuttle – has launched a new blog, as it were. In it, he takes a detailed look at why this kind of problem has potentially catastrophic implications for our astronauts.

Congrats on what looks like a good new resource, Mike.

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  1. thanks for the props. 🙂 hopefully i can keep it current. i wanted to keep it more data-oriented, but the space toilet thing was just too good to pass up. we’re writing up the data from our last space shuttle experiment now (sts-118). well, actually, my student is doing all the work. haha. but as soon as i heard about the busted comode, i told her she HAD to figure out how to include it in her paper. it’s just too perfect.