The smartest shopping cart that ever lived

MediaPost reports this morning on an interesting new survey from TNS, which says that “sixty percent of shoppers across the globe believe that they will be able to pay for purchases using just their fingerprint by 2015, rated top by 25% of shoppers.” Never mind the chill that should send down the spine of anyone who values their privacy – we’ll deal with that another day. For the moment let’s have a look at what people expect from The Future®.

Read the rest at Black Dog.

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  1. I like the fingerprint log on for my laptop, but have a bad feeling about my prints ending up in someone’s file. Somehow, I’ve never been fingerprinted in my life and refused to shop at a grocery store where they would ask for a thumbprint to cash a check.

    Next thing they will be doing is storing DNA information on the entire population….it’s coming sooner than you think.


  2. Read Spychips by Katherine Albrecht. Fingerprints require a lot of memory. RFID accomplishes the same with less data bandwidth and better remote sensing.

    Don’t we have 3D body scanning now? What the hell are MRIs if not that?