McCain vs. McCain: the Straight-Talk Express jumps the tracks

Four years ago GOP partisans couldn’t say hello without working the term “flip-flop” in somehow. This year? Not so much. Wonder why?

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  1. John McCain is a sincere man,but his convictions are “Jello”,;swinging both ways. His lobbyist staff,after much criticism by the press,finally faded away,but it shows poor judgement backed by the most manipulative D.C. denizens.
    He admitted to be ignorant of Economics and yet he pontificates on the reasons for the high cost of Oil without any suggested solutions.

    He has also been absent from the Senate on a number of important bill in the last 3 months;some with his vote,might have broken a log jam.

  2. You can perhaps make the case that McCain was once a sincere man, but you’d play hell trying to do so using only evidence from this election cycle. He’s the Bob Dole of 2008, a man who’s sold his soul for one last shot at the throne.