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Saturday Video Roundup Smackdown: if you smellllllll … what BaRock … is cooking

Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about it. HilRod. BaRock. John Dubya McCain (one-half of the Double Talk Express). Three-way dance inside a STEEL CAGE for the USA Heavyweight Title. Yeah, I’m feeling ya. We’re getting there, too. This past Monday night on WWE Raw, all three candidates ran some lame smack for the national cable audience. In case you missed it:

Yeah, that was kind of sad. Not sure what the point was, either – I thought they had settled this already.

And forget when the phone rings at 3 am – who can you trust when the bell rings?

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for DNC vs. GOP on X-Box, huh? Well, that’s it for this week’s electoral edition of Saturday Video Smackdown. It wasn’t much for policy nuance, but I think we’ve all learned something.

Or maybe we’ve just been reminded of something we already knew….

Thanks to Dr. Mike Pecaut for the Hil vs. BaRock match…

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  2. Well, maybe there isn’t that much difference between professional wrestling and national politics after all. They’re both manufactured storylines of good versus evil. They’re both mostly glitz to provoke the spectators. And they both look good on TV, but turn out to be fake if you look close enough.