"We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado"

Colorado’s most infamous asspipe, Douglas Bruce, is at it again.

Bruce booted after “illiterate” remark
By Jessica Fender
The Denver Post

Disparaging remarks aimed at migrant workers got resident rabble-rouser Rep. Douglas Bruce banned from speaking on an alien worker bill today.

“We don’t need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado,” Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, told the chamber to an audible gasp.

Rep. Kathleen Curry, leading the House at the time, immediately barred Bruce from speaking at the podium, an uncommon maneuver.

“How dare you?” she asked Bruce, before House members moved back to discussion of a bill aimed at helping seasonal farm workers from other countries enter the state legally on a temporary basis.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Bruce, he masterminded Colorado’s notorious Amendment 2 debacle and the state’s disastrous “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” (TABOR). He’s been relatively calm of late, having only been involved in three embarrassments this calendar year (until today).

I guess it’s hardly surprising that he’d have an issue with all those dirty wetbacks sneaking into the state.

I’m not sure of the logistics involved, but it’s high time that the Colorado legislature removed Bruce from its ranks. He has been responsible for incalculable damage to the state and its citizens. Our education and public services are among the worst in the nation thanks to TABOR. Amendment 2 announced to the rest of America that we were prepared to by god act on our ignorance. And lately he seems to exist for no other reason than to outrage our sense of propriety and public decency.

Douglas Bruce is – and let’s be brutally frank about this – a bad human being. He makes the lives of others measurably worse, and if he were to drive off a cliff tonight we would all be demonstrably better off. I’m not in the business of wishing ill on people, but at the same time we shouldn’t be any more afraid to state the plain truth than he is to foul the podium in our legislature with hate and bile.

Yes, Virginia, Colorado has an illiterate problem. But it’s not the migrant workers who need us as badly as we need them. It’s the man from House District 15 in Colorado Springs.

It’s time for Douglas Bruce to go crawl back under whatever rock he slithered out from in the first place. Today.

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  2. You couldn’t be more right. Douglas Bruce is simply a very bad person. And he’s a great illustration of how bigotry can override even the most pressing economic needs. The fact is, the farmer of Colorado NEED migrant workers to harvest their crops. It’s not like there’s a surplus of labor on the high plains that are losing jobs to these people.

  3. As a snake and on behalf of all my kin and extended family of slithering reptiles, I take umbrage that someone would associate us with the likes of Douglas Bruce. Whatever form or creature to which this “thing” has devolved, it is eons back beyond the level we reptilians have achieved. Don’t we get a bad enough rap for the Garden of Eden Myth..Gimme a break, here! I feel like the Caveman in the Geico commercial.
    Bigotry = Ignorance
    Willful and purposeful ignorance
    is equal to contemptible stupidity!
    It should be classified as criminal at the level of a 3rd class misdemeanor. Second offense = felony

  4. He’s ONLY speaking the truth. Look up “illiterate” and “peasant” in the dictionary and you’ll see he’s correct. Get them out of the US and see how fast Americans take their jobs.

  5. Silkeyna: I’m not sure this matters to you, since you’re a racist with an IQ of 8, but the people he’s talking about are here LEGALLY.

  6. Silkeyna:

    Really? You think the high plains of Colorado are just full of people desperate for some backbreaking agricultural work?

    Where were they last year?

  7. From a long-time Colorado resident: To be fair, Bruce didn’t have anything to do with the Amendment 2 issue. That was another lunatic from Colorado Springs. But God knows Bruce has done enough damage in Colorado anyway. And he’s a state rep only because a Republican vacancy committee appointed him to the seat. He has a challenger in the upcoming Republican primary and while the guy’s conservative, he doesn’t appear to be a raving loon like Bruce.

  8. According to the First Amendment, like it or not, he still has the right to voice his opinion. He is only speaking what alot of people are thinking.

  9. Pat:

    Yes. And you have a right to voice your opinion, and neo-Nazis have that right, and communists have that right, etc.

    And we have a right to call them out for the human flotsam they are.