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Happy Birthday to us! S&R turns one year old today

One year down. Several more to go, with luck.

Scholars & Rogues launched one year ago today with two posts: one from Whythawk on unlearning helplessness and another from me on Joe Wilson’s firebreathing, bomb-lobbing nard-stomper at the Conference on World Affairs, where he called the Bush administration a pack of traitors and said Fred Thompson was “a member of the treason faction of the Republican Party.”

A lot has happened since then.

  • 1339 posts from our writing staff.
  • 39 guest posts, a couple of which almost blowed up the Internets.
  • 16 honorary Scrogues in the masthead, from Lord Byron to Babe Ruth.
  • Thousands of comments, many of which were quite thoughtful.
  • Thanks to some security issues, we closed up shop at WordPress and moved to our own domain.
  • We made it to Technorati 10K status in five months. After the move to our new domain we had to start over, and less than six months later we’ve nearly made it to the Top 10K again.
  • We’ve been linked at all kinds of prominent places, including The Agonist, Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos, Open Left, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Huffington Post, Read/Write Web, Metafilter, MyDD, Memeorandum, Digby’s Blog, The Moderate Voice, PatriotBoy, Jon Swift, Oliver Willis, Pam’s House Blend, AlterNet, The Atlantic, Air America, The Seminal, Welcome to Pottersville, CorrenteWire, Down with Tyranny, and hundreds more.
  • We won a Thinking Blogger Award; were top 20 in the Blogger’s Choice Awards voting for Best Political Blog; and were a finalist in our size category for the 2007 Weblog Awards.
  • And as proud as we are of our linage at the big sites, we’re also pretty happy about the smaller places that have found some linkable value in what we do. Big doesn’t necessarily equal smart, and we remain committed to the idea that quality matters more than quantity.

We like to think our success has something to do with that last bit. I’m tempted to go down the roster, writer by writer, and do a bit of horn-tooting, but maybe I’ll leave that for another time. Frankly, my colleagues here have been so consistently impressive that I’m afraid our readers would be suffering from attaboy fatigue before I got halfway through the list.

So let me just say thanks to our readers for dropping by, commenting and telling others about us. Without you, we’re just another tree falling in the forest.

Hopefully year two will bring us all more to celebrate and less to bitch about, huh?

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  1. And let’s thank, most of all, our founder and editor, Dr. Slammy, without whom we’d just be voices in the wilderness.

  2. Congrats! I still don’t know how you guys do it. I barely have time to READ all the stuff you guys post, let alone write that much. But keep it up. 🙂 I may not always agree with what you guys are saying, but at least its interesting.