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S&R poll results: same old song and dance

The results of the latest S&R poll are in.

Which of the following best describes your feelings about popular music?

  1. Music goes through cycles, but on average the quality of music today is about what it’s always been. (34)
  2. Today’s music sucks – I only listen to the old stuff. (27)
  3. I don’t listen to popular music. (21)
  4. Today’s artists are better than ever – this is a golden age of music. (4)

Thank you for voting. Our next poll, which asks you to consider bad band names, is now posted in the column to the right.

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  1. Ah, rats, I missed the poll…but I do have an observation about contemporary rock music…or more specifically what I call Christian terrorist rock music.

    Not only have the right-wingers sought to dominate AM Radio with their hardcore right-wing propagandists like Rush Limbaugh, they also decided that they’d really, really like all U.S. citizens, especially young people, to become members of their religion, with a heavy dose of proselytizing over the airwaves as an essential part of this “stealth” scheme.

    Thus, certain FM Radio owners (Clear Channel, Sinclair, etc.) back in 2004 dumped the “oldies” format for their “contemporary versus old school” format, with “contemporary” essentially being code for rock songs one would usually only hear at some Christian Battle Cry concert or in some evangelical church somewhere.

    So, this is my take on what has happened to “contemporary” rock music:

    1) Right-wing, evangelical-funded studios have been established to pump out this proselytizing music.

    2) Radio stations have been gobbled up by right-wing evangelicals so they can have a format through which to push their Battle Cry rock concert “brainwashing” material.

    3) DJ’s, with an evangelical bent, have replaced old-time rock-n-roll DJ’s at many stations.

    4) These evangelical DJ’s have two purposes: play “contemporary” Battle Cry concert rock music and/or play “old school” rock music that contain lyrics acceptable to evangelical Christians, “old school” rock songs with words like hell, heaven, angels, devils, chapels, Jesus, God, etc. in them, which means that a whole lot of great rock songs from the past are no longer heard on our publicly-owned airwaves.

    Conclusioin: Battle Cry concert songs that would never make it into the Top 10 or even Top 40 of any true rock-n-roll playlist get extensive, repeat airtime…which, of course, is why the right-wingers resorted to such an underhanded, sneaky and downright devilish scheme to subvert rock music. Instead of resorting to album burning like the hardcore evangelicals did back during the 1950s (as did the Communists, as did the Islamicists), the corrupt Christian evangelicals of today decided to do an end-run around popular rock music, substituting their crappy Christian terrorist rock music.

    I still listen to rock-n-roll on the radio, but anytime I catch a whiff of one of these Christian terrorist rock songs, I immediately check out another music station, and my switching channels has increased over the past four years as more and more FM Radio stations succumb to this Christian terrorist rock plot.