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Poll results: let it ride…

The results of the latest S&R poll are in. The question was: What should happen to the FL and MI primary delegates?

1: Nothing; the states violated Dem rules (54)
2: Do-over primaries in both states (18)
3: Seat delegates from both (11)
4: Caucuses in both states (6)
   Each state should decide for itself (6)
6: Other (4)

Our new poll, which asks about your opinions on popular music, is now posted in the column to the right.

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  1. I wanted to put two responses on your new poll. “music goes through cycles…” and “I don’t listen to popular music.” šŸ™‚ Good music is out there, but it’s a bitch to find if you just listen to what’s on the radio and MTV/VH1/FUSE/Whatever. Guess it depends on how you define “popular music.” Is it a sound? Is it just whatever the public listens to? Or is it what the recording companies are selling/pimping?