Obama: perfecting our union

Sen. Barack Obama today delivered what will hopefully be remembered as an important speech in the history of American race relations. It is proper, as he notes, that race (and class) should be dominant topics in our political campaigns because they are so central to who we are (and to why we fail).

However, it is unacceptable, at this moment in our history, that race should be an issue of division, especially among “progressives.”

Kudos to Obama for a powerful statement. Here’s hoping that Sen. Clinton is unequivocal in her endorsement of the principles he sets forth today.

Transcript here.

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  2. The question remains: Can Americans handle being talked to with nuance and balance, as thoughtful, mature adults?

  3. Damn that was a fine speech. I’m struck by how incredibly mature and measured his approach is to this topic and how he invites everyone else to the adults’ table. “All aboard the High Road Express!” It is amazing how he was able to put together such a fine speech in the middle of one of the more tightly contested primaries this country has seen. It speaks well for how he would deal with a crisis.

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