OK Go says Net Neutrality good for music

Tim Karr has an important read for music lovers up at HuffPo. In it, he covers OK Go’s descent into Washington to promote the importance of Net Neutrality to independent musicians.

The band’s success is a testament to an open Internet. OK Go was propelled to national fame via the popularity of their YouTube videos. One, a treadmill dance along to the song “Here It Goes Again,” has been viewed more than 31 million times.

“If people wonder whether the music industry will benefit from Net Neutrality they can look no further than us,” said OK Go’s lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“There really is some consensus here that Net Neutrality is good for music and good for musicians… I’m here to ask you today to preserve Net Neutrality and the openness of the Internet. I believe it’s critical to the future of music.”

These days, when it seems like the deck is as thoroughly stacked against legitimate artists as it has ever been, it’s a little scary to imagine what happens if we take away one of the few tools left to bands trying to promote themselves.

So yeah, let your Congressweasel hear your voice….

Meanwhile, here’s a taste of what you’ll never taste again if the telcos kill NetNeut.

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  1. I am not sure about the net neutrality argument for a band…how would they have not been successful if they made it through youtube? YouTube will still be here when the law changes, people will still log on…

    With regard to the video – (I swear I only learn about new (to me) bands because of your posts) I am glad I run these days with my MP3 player on pavements and not on the machine in the gym. I do not think I could now look at one of those machines without wanting to don a pair of red trousers and dance….

  2. As a musician and the parent of musicians, I couldn’t support NN more. I’ll be contacting my congressional rep. today. Not that he’ll have time to do anything but support corporate greed (like that of the tobacco industry) and whine about reading the Qur’an ruining American minds.