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Grand Funk, REO Speedwagon, New Kids head 2009 R&R HOF inductees list…

Oops. Sorry. I forgot this isn’t The Onion for a moment.

But when you look at this list, you can see why this wouldn’t necessarily be a shocker….

We now return you to normal programming….

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  1. Good god. What are the criteria for 50s and early 60s acts and girl bands? If you were one, you’re in?

    Where’s Genesis? Peter Gabriel? Graham Parker? Joy Division? Big Star?

    Blow me, Jann….


    …500 rock experts make the decision through ballot process. Democratic processes in this instance may leave something to be desired if the Jackson 5 are included.

    I can, however, see the logic for their inclusion when reading the description of who gets in and for what reasons. Me thinks you focus too much on the title Rock and Roll.

    Jackson 5 where huge and made lots of people rock and roll…after a fashion. 🙂

  3. Elaine: If we aren’t to focus on “rock & roll,” then why is it in the title? If that doesn’t matter, we might see Madonna headed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next.

  4. I did not say NOT to focus on the title. Nor did I say that the title did not matter.

    What I did do what post the description of the main entry where it clearly states that there is more to the title Rock and Roll than die-hard traditionalists allow for when thining about Rock and Roll.

    Rock and Roll is obviously more inclusive to the Hall people and they are defining it in newer ways that allow for evolution, popularity, longevity and innovation…as well as ‘root’ or ‘core’ remembrance.