Saturday Video Roundup: when journalists attack

Pimpin’ Journalism ain’t easy. Odd hours, low pay, audiences that don’t appreciate the effort you put into making their world a better place. One of these days we’ll do an SVR on journalists, but today we’re talking about TV reporters, and yeah, they can have it rough, too.

Take this guy. It’s not bad enough that he’s 130 years old and out trolling East Hell for stories at all hours of the night, but watch what happens to him starting at around the 1:00 mark.

Yow. Nice teamwork. That’s like having Terrell Owens as your anchor, huh?

Next, you know how you’re watching a live report and there’s always a drunk, an idiot, or a drunk idiot behind the reporter working his 15 seconds of fame for all it’s worth? You have to figure that gets on the reporter’s nerves, don’t you?

Now, I know we’ve all wanted to club a FOX News reporter like a baby harp seal at some point in our lives, but wouldn’t you know that the one time it actually happens, it involves a guy who was actually, you know, being a journalist.

Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Broadcast journalism may be a world of sexy women, shirtless men, intrigue and all-night orgies out at Brad and Angelina’s place, but it comes at a hellish price. Violence, betrayal, bad haircuts and the distasteful requirement that you sometimes speak to people who aren’t as pretty as you are.

It’s not worth it. At S&R, our hats are off to the brave, noble men and women who bring us the news – we thank all the gods on Olympus for your heroism.

Thanks to Dr. Denny for finding that first clip.

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  1. Wow! I don’t know if that first clip is awesome, or if I feel bad for the guy. That’s just wrong.

  2. I just know that my jaw dropped. I’ve never seen anything that unprofessional in my life.

    Except FOX News. Okay, and CNN.

    Oh, who am I kidding. I see appalling things every time I watch TV news….