Nota Bene #12: Peppered Mammoth, Hidden Ark

Welcome to another edition of NB, in which linkage new and old come together to eat up your valuable time. Enjoy ∞ BooMan says Hillary Clinton is not going to win Texas … Christopher Hitchens writes of learning that pro-war articles he wrote prompted a young man named Mark Daily to enlist for service in Iraq, where he was killed … INTERNS NEEDED. Requirements: Must able able to lift 30 lbs. Type 40wpm+. Wide stance preferredBob Herbert on Ralph Nader: “It would have been impossible to believe during his heyday that Nader could be despised by many Democrats and progressives, that he would become a target of their ridicule and vitriol” … Stop the presses: white men rule! … In Afghanistan, flying kites is a way of life Researchers say an ancient meteor blast peppered mammoths with “shrapnel” … E&P’s esteemed editor Greg Mitchell has a book on Iraq and the media coming out soon … “What are you puttin’ in my malt liquor, white boy?!” … Check out Alltop, a handy site listing headlines from top blogs, including S&R … Ex-Bush policy experts say the U.S. has been gearing up for a war with Iran for years, despite claiming otherwise … Leadville, Colorado could be deadville if rising levels of contaminated water burst from a tunnel and flood the town … Taylor Marsh writes, “Scott Kesterson was the only photojournalist in Afghanistan for quite some time. He’s put together a film.” See excerpts of At War here … Larisa Alexandrovna, one of the first on the Don Siegelman story, fears Karl Rove’s attack dogs are on the looseEthiopian Christians have long believed they possess the Ark of the Convenant. Smithsonian piece here, earlier National Geographic piece here Another strong hint that John Edwards is leaning Obama And finally… Roger wanted Rick out. Dave thought Nick was next. Bob gave them the hit and got sacked too. The soap opera that was Pink Floyd. ∞

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should write about the Leadville thing or not, but I want to clarify something a little – The entire town of Leadville isn’t threatened, “only” a trailer park and everything downstream of the tunnel along the Arkansas River. The threat to the downstream communities is not actually from flood, since any rush of water would have spread out enough by then to not cause much, if any, flooding, but rather from the heavy metal contamination of the water. this article from the Seattle Times is a bit more nuanced about the problem than the NYTimes article is.

  2. Thanks for the add’l info, Brian.

    Actually I was surprised the NYT even covered it. Thought they were a little unclear on what exactly lay west of the Mississippi.

  3. I was surprised too. I’d figured that the problem was too small for them to care about, but apparently something about the story grabbed someone’s attention.