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Seven days o' features

Scholars & Rogues has added a couple of new features to its lineup, and we hope the new additions will provide our readers with even more reason to check by each day to see what’s new. In addition, we’ve reshuffled the feature lineup a bit, so here’s what to look for.

  • Monday: Nota Bene – Scholars & Rogues takes you around the Web for all kinds of interesting stories you may have missed.
  • Tuesday: TunesDay – A new feature. Each Tuesday S&R’s team of music lovers will present an artist or band of the week (maybe more than one), or will perhaps examine a new development in the world of tuneage, or note an important historical landmark… The possibilities are endless. Tune in for the first installment tomorrow.
  • Wednesday: The Weekly Carboholic – Brian Angliss, our energy and environment writer (and one of our two Society of Environmental Journalists members), analyzes the latest enviro news, the claims and counter-claims, in an attempt to improve the signal:noise ratio surrounding one of the most critically important tasks facing our world today.
  • Thursday: VerseDay – Our established poetry feature moves to a new day. Because Thursday sort of rhymes with VerseDay.
  • Friday: Quotabull – Dr. Denny holds our politicians and public officials accountable in the most damning way imaginable: he prints the words they actually said.
  • Saturday: Saturday Video Roundup – Cartoons, music vids and all other sorts of video art and outrage – tune into SVR every Saturday and we’ll help you get your weekend off to an entertaining start.
  • Sunday: ArtSunday – Our other new feature launched yesterday with a look at some important lessons on display at the Denver Museum of Art’s new Impressionism exhibit. S&R is keenly interested in politics, sure, but we also believe that the soul isn’t nourished by politics alone. In fact, these days politics can be about as nourishing as a glass of strychnine. So tune in on Sundays and let us feed your mind and spirit with a look at some of the things that actually make life worth living.

As always, the comment box is there for a reason. Tell us and your fellow readers what you think…

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  1. I;ll probably become a big fan of Sunday: Art Sunday. In fact I wouldn’t mind having a crack at writing a guest post and filling it out with my own exhibit.

    I hope Art Sunday becomes a hit.