Bloomberg for… some other candidate

Michael R. Bloomberg, mayor of New York, has come out again and said that he’s not running for president, and that he won’t run even if we beg, and that he’ll support whichever candidate abandons party orthodoxy and works for real national solutions in a guest commentary in the New York Times today.


I’d hoped he’d run. Bloomberg is wealthy enough that he could have financed his own campaign entirely without help if he’d wanted to. He truly gets that there are a lot of national issues that need to be dealt with even if the politicians don’t want to or the people think it’ll hurt too much. Changes have to be made to everything from social programs to defense funding and the occupation of Iraq to global heating to energy security to public health to immigration, and the solutions that will work the best will make a lot of people, and a lot of political ideologues, apoplectic.

The fact that Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor of New York has actually been good for a city that I truly love (and that my wife and I are already considering moving to when our kids are out of public schools) doesn’t hurt either.

But I’m realistic enough to know that my pining for Bloomberg was probably a lot like conservatives’ pining for Thompson – a lot of psychological projection that wouldn’t survive actual contact with “Bloomberg the presidential candidate.” But I was still hoping that I’d be wrong and that he’d enter the race in March or April.

I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with Bloomberg the centrist candidate’s supporter. We’ll see if that’s enough.