The mother of all political dream cage matches

I’ve been following the comment thread on Mike’s Nader post. Which, of course, set me to thinking about the comment thread on my post here. And that put me in mind of a thought.

To wit: has there ever been anything in the history of American politics that could touch, for sheer hate-fuck participatory democracy theater, a hypothetical general election showdown between Ralph Nader and Ron Paul?

Man, I’d pay to see that.

Of course, I’d then pack up and move to another country. Or planet, if possible….

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  1. “I’d then pack up and move to another country. Or planet, if possible….

    No need to move you’d already be in an EVIL Oz.

  2. My problem with Nader is that he seems to think his vote should be worth about a million of mine. He can’t win. All he can do is take another crack at showing us why our electoral system is fucked, for lack of a more elegant description. These days, every candidate tries to appear more moderate than the rest.

    About the only constructive thing Nader does is to force these candidates to slightly lighter and darker shades of medium gray. In these media-paparazzi days, it’s better to play not to lose than to play to win. McCain voted for the FISA bill because he had to. Obama and Clinton didn’t vote at all because, likewise, they had to. Nader forces McCain to cozy up to a few more Godites while forcing Hilary and Barack to nuzzle up to a few more bleeding hearts.

    To take your pay-per-view dream a step further, I’d pay $200 to see an election between Nader, Paul, and Chris Dodd. Ah, truth be told, I’d pay a lot more than that. Give us some real alternatives, damn it!

  3. I’d pay anything for Dodd to get back on the ballot, that said the real system fuck would be those two running together against Kucinich-Justin Raimondo. Head to splode in 3…2..