Nota Bene #11: Return of the Killer Sculpture

Here’s your weekly dose of link love, enjoy. ∞ The U.S. Air Force wants (in addition to the $144 billion it scores each year) an extry $19 bil for, among other things, “dorm furnishing” … Rust may never sleep, but the power of music sleeps with the fishes, so says Neil Young … On a related note (giggle), John Cougar Mellencamp and Boston’s Tom Scholz are tired of presidential candidates thiefing their tunage … My own humble abode of Aurora, Colorado is for some bizarre reason the top digital city in the U.S. Maybe they’re going by the number of times we give each other the finger in traffic … Newt Gingrich foresees a likely McCain-Huckabee GOP ticket … Nearly a dozen cartoonists recently organized an illustrated effort to protest the lack of color in comics … I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s a collie balancing cups on its head—along with other amusing photos from a recent UK book … Oh, that silly ol’ rascal King George the W. He’s now ordering a clampdown on flights to the U.S., demanding extra personal data from air passengers … Sara Robinson presents 10 myths aboot Canadian health care … Attention photoshoppers: the Library of Congress now has a Flickr page … JFK’s old speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, has a warm fuzzy about Obama … America’s next generation is too demanding at work. Anthony Balderrama explains Y … Mark your Outlook calendars: there’s a massive Iraq War blogswarm on March 19 that S&R is proud to be a part of. “Stop the killing. Stop the maiming. Stop the economic and environmental devastation. Bring the troops home.” Hear, hear … And finally, the long, strange tale of a steel mustang that took the life of its own sculptor. You can see it for yourself next time you’re at Denver International Airport. ∞