Saturday Video Roundup: it's a Samtastic morning

It’s time for another round of SVR’s Saturday Morning Cartoons. Today we pay tribute to the man I was named for, Yosemite Sam.

In “Hare to Heir,” Sam, the somewhat volatile Duke of Yosemite, stands to inherit a millions pounds if he can control his temper. The executor, of course, is none other than Bugs Bunny.

Next up, “Ballot Box Bunny,” in which (a somewhat homicidal) Sam’s campaign for town mayor hits a snag when he promises to rid the country of every last rabbit. This one is timely, since it involves some electioneering tactics that are nearly as dirty as what we’ll be seeing between now and November.

This next episode, “Hare Trigger,” features Sam’s first ever appearance on the wide screen (after what we presume was a highly successful career in vaudeville).

In “Wild and Woolly Hare,” Sam and Bugs face off in a classic Wild West showdown. A note of interest – in this film, both Bugs and Sam performed all their own stunts.

We’ll th-th-th-th-that’s all, folks. See you next week. Until then, keep your leather oiled and your horns swoggled.

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