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1,582 miles away

Tonight my good friend Jeffrey Dean Foster, who’s also one of the most outstanding musical artists I’ve ever run across, is playing a solo show back home in Winston-Salem, NC. I’m unspeakably happy to be back in Colorado, hopefully for good, but I miss being able to wander out on a night like this to grab a Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy and take in one of his remarkable sets.

Maybe he’ll play this one:

If you’re in or around Winston-Salem right now, head over to The Garage. If not:

Sweet dreams, everybody.

Now playing: Jeffrey Dean Foster – “All I Do Is Dream”

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  1. Already own it. 🙂 I’ll listen to it after the E’s “blinking lights…” Been that kinda day.

  2. Tell him to get a better video person. Sheesh. What does it take to pay just a little attention to sound and lighting?

  3. Unfortunately he’s like a lot of great musicians out there in that he doesn’t have a lot in the way of resources to work with. Given your new-found tech I’d love to get you on the job. You could do some cool stuff, no doubt.

    BTW, you REALLY need that CD. I think I have a spare copy – remind me.

  4. JDF is the real deal, for sure. Almost went to the show but had a couple of other commitments tie me up. Will see him soon and say hello for you. In the meantime here’s a little of my other favorite: