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First Obama said Yes We Can. Then McCain said Yes We Can (Stay in Iraq for 1000 Years). Now Hillary says … ummm … Damn We’re White?

Sweet fancy Jesus – will somebody please bring back Celine Dion? I guess at least now we know who the folks who brought us Appalachian is Hot Hot Hot are endorsing.

Thanks to our friend Djerrid for warning us about this.

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  1. Uh…wtf was that? I couldn’t even get through a minute of it. What the hell were those dancers listening to, cause it sure as hell wasn’t what was playing? I think I’ll go back to My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade now. After that monstrosity, I could use a little bit of emo…

  2. The blonde and brunette dancers on either end were mad hot. Otherwise, this has no redeeming value whatsoever.

  3. Oh c’mon. This just HAS to be a hoax. At best, it’s some dweeb out there who put this together and thinks it’s good. Right? Right????