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Super Bowl commercials rock

I don’t watch the Super Bowl any more. I stopped caring who won a long time ago – probably when I realized that I’d rather watch college football than professional football. But I still enjoy the Super Bowl commercials. One year, my wife and I recorded the game on our TiVo and fastforwarded through the game, playing only the commercials. Not this year. This year we watched the commercials on-line.

Here are my favorites from this year’s commercials.

Cannons good. Cell phone bad.

Genetically engineered carrier pigeons equipped with GPS and night vision, anyone?

Not the funniest, but sometimes visual aesthetic is all that counts, and this one had the best aesthetic of all of them this year.

Crave a Beetlejuice reference, anyone?

Many Pepsi ads have sucked badly over the years, but this one at least beat nearly every Bud ad this year….

And this would be the one Bud ad that the Justin Timberlake Pepsi ad wasn’t better than. “NO CAPES!”

Yes, I’m a guy, so it’s hard to turn down a Victoria’s Secret ad. Thankfully, most of their ads are pretty classy, even as they’re selling stuff that’s a whole lot of fun to take off. Of someone else, that is. 😉

Alas, I have to agree with CBS News – as nice as some of these were, they simply just don’t compare to some of the old ads. Like the ones listed in this list by Fox Sports.

This one is probably the best one ever.

But “best” doesn’t make for a favorite. THIS on is my favorite.

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