The wit and wisdom of Ronald Reagan explained…


“This fellow doing the talking had hair like Tarzan, walked like Jane, and smelled like Cheetah.” -Ronald Reagan describing a Haight-Ashbury resident, one of his constituents, in 1966.

This is the man the Republican neocon hate machine media revere as their patron saint.

Any questions?

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  1. i came to you guys via Brilliant at Breakfast — and i sure like what i see already…anyone putting a pic of Saint Ronnie like that deserves to be acknowledged!

  2. I loved Reagan, and am not a neo-con. Reagan wasn’t a neo-con either. I can’t understand their fascination with him, as he had little in common with neo-cons. Reagan was the real deal, and despite the fact that most liberals cringe at his name, he was pretty popular, so he must have been doing something right….much as Clinton was.



  3. Though we always thought of Ronald Reagan as a case of Alzheimers waiting to happen, he wasn’t as dumb as we thought. (Until, sadly, the Alzheimers actually manifested itself.)

    Read this excerpt from his diaries released last year. You won’t believe how on top of everything he is (however hampered by his simplistic world view).

    Also, as I alluded to in a recent post, at the famous Reyjkavik summit he was able to haggle back and forth hour after hour for days on end with the intellectually gifted Gorbachev. (Of course, he ultimately sabotaged the summit by said simplistic world view, but that’s another story.)

  4. I read the excerpt and it was quite interesting. I had not given Reagan much credit for anything at all but the excerpt reveals the humanity of this president. i’ll always remember his speech in Germany where he said (as I remember it) “Mr. Gorbachev, take this wall down.” Great movie stuff but in reality the harbinger of the end of the wall. I’d certainly like to read more. I don’t think, based only on what I know to present, that he was a great intellectual type but his acting experience and his people skills served him and our country well. On the negative side the trickle down stuff did not play well.

  5. Reagan wasn’t the simpleton many on the other side made him out to be. His plan was to lower taxes, increase defense, defeat communism, and improve the economy. All three things happened on his watch. Naysayers like to discuss his defecit spending, but the defecits expressed as a percentage of GDP were certainly managable. I’ve read many things about Reagan and was particularly impressed with his intelligence. He was secure enough with himself that he had no need to try to impress anyone with how smart he was. His intelligence was like a pair of pocket aces.