Because I didn't feel bad enough about my golf game already

Legally blind golfer scores hole-in-oneCLEARWATER, Fla. — A hole-in-one is rare on the golf course, but what are the odds of a blind golfer sinking one?

Leo Fiyalko couldn’t see it, but his golf buddies did — a hole-in-one on the fifth hole at the Cove Cay Country Club.

Leo Fiyalko brushed off the feat, and had to be prodded to tell his wife about it at the end of the round.

Fiyalko is 92 and has macular degeneration. He’s been golfing for 60 years, but his 110-yard shot with a 5-iron on Jan. 10 was his first hole-in-one.

Blind. 92 years old. You’re kidding me, right?

Pardon me. I have to go throw my clubs in a lake.

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  1. I used to have clubs. I kept the umbrella and the good putter that my godfather gave me a few years ago, but I gave the rest of the second-hand clubs away to ARC or Goodwill or Lupus a while back. I was never good, and it was too expensive and time consuming for me to make the effort to get good.

    If I’m going to exercise, I prefer more of a cardio-pulmonary workout than golf gives me.

  2. Having played golf with Sam many times, I can attest to his skills. For someone with his level of real athletic ability, how he manages to play with such inconsistency (he can be brilliant one hole, horrendous the next) always amazes (and amuses) me.