Progress is watching you

Shaun over at Kiko’s House (one of the best blogs you might not have heard of, by the way) has an interesting one up. What do you make of this Obama poster?

I think it has kind of a mid-century Big Brother feel, doesn’t it? The color palette invokes something decidedly industrial age in a way that I think undercuts Obama’s attempts to appeal to a vision of the future. The caption is posed in a way we associate with LABOR or

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  1. I smell satirical propaganda in an age where people take their propaganda with a bit more sophistication.

  2. It does have that Stalinist feel to it, why would he allow his image portrayed his way if any first year psych student could tell him of the ill feelings it provokes, I keep expecting some crap about ‘Der Juden…’. beneath it.

  3. Really guys, its just a poster. You can make those connections all you want, but these kinda prints have been in the U.S. mainstream since the 60’s. It’s iconic, but does not provoke as much as it appeals. Most who see this don’t think Revolution, but rather what feelings are already there, for instance a need for change. I find it strays from the “Red, White, and Blue” buttons and ribbons campaign advertising of old. Youthful and refreshing, this might just find its way into the history books once this is all over.