Hock if you love Jesus

On the left at about the 8-second mark, figure in black spits in the face of Shirley Phelps-Roper.

Gratuitous, yes. But don’t tell me you haven’t dreamed of doing it yourself…

Thanks to Steven Campbell for the tip.

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  1. gross, yes.
    but she totally deserved it.
    let this be the first time i have ever regretted having the first amendment.
    these people are sick.

  2. I learned yesterday that Dr. Denny is the scholar and Dr. Slammy is the rogue; i suppose that this post proves that point.

    Well done, Mersh, well done.

    Has anyone seen the video of the clown troupe counter protesting the KKK? Funny, funny stuff.

  3. Feel better, guys? That was pathetic. I watched that embarrassing video, and then I read this comment there, which sums my thoughts up nicely as well:

    “you’re just steeling their resolve. people like her who are committed to their lunacy are not afraid of idiots like you. the only things that deter the phelps kinds of fools are ignoring them, or using reason and persuasion to dismantle the fundamentals of their argument. grow the hell up and apply the zeal you evidently have to more meaningful endeavors. that is all.”