Nota Bene #9: Lost and Found

A quick ‘n’ dirty NB of links new & old across the ‘sphere for your reading (dis)pleasure… ∞ If you can stomach it—and I’m not talking about the sight of our grievously wounded Iraq war veterans—here’s our oily President scoring photo opps with some of the hurt kids he done send off to that war with them raghead terrists over yonder … Damned Negroes, always gotta ruin a good thing. Here they go putting our wondrous economic times (cough, cough) in a bad light with that “reality” thingie … NPR senior correspondent Juan Williams says of bloggers, “All you’ve got to do is shout, say something on the blog that offends and attacks the other side, and suddenly, you have the credentials, and you’re said to be a journalist. I think it’s a great lie.” All fine and dandy, a reasonable critique—except that he was saying it to goddamned Sean Hannity on Fox News … The UK Independent’s Robert Fisk walks into controversial territory yet again, writing of “the first modern genocide—the slaughter of over a million Armenians. In another piece, Fisk writes of “the death of history” … This frank admission—Alan Greenspan saying the Iraq war was really about oil—is right up there with the late Henry Hyde’s startling remark about Bill’s Clinton impeachment … Children accused of witchcraft are being murdered in Nigeria … A mysterious lost photo archive of ancient Qur’an manuscripts has been revealed after 60 years, and may have serious implications for Islam … And finally, recent Radiohead concert clips, enjoy. ∞

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  1. That Wall Street Journal article on the German photographic archive of ancient Qur’an manuscripts was one of the most fascinating articles I’ve read in a very long time. It could be right up there with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the gnostic books of the Bible in importance, if not higher.