Saturday Video Roundup: An ode to the potatoboe

SVR has been all about the music of late, and thanks to a few submissions by fellow Scrogue Mike Sheehan we’re going to continue the trend this morning. Today we shine the spotlight on what I guess we’ll call “unconventional musicianship.”Let’s start with this heartwarming tale of a country boy, a harmonica, and a dream of someday playing Carnegie Hall.

Next up, I guess this is what happens in Europe when you can’t afford instruments. Hold on a sec – Billhelm, stop eating your clarinet!

And if food can be an instrument, I guess there’s no reason why utensils can’t be, too.

Hey, check it! It’s Christmas at Tim Burton’s house!

Any John Cage fans in the house? How about this supreme performance of “4:33,” arranged for orchestra!

Well, I guess you’ve suffered enough for one week, so let’s wrap it up with the exquisite madness of PDQ Bach’s “Unbegun Symphony.”

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed being had as much as we’ve enjoyed having you. See you next week.

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  1. That last one was friggin awesome. Obviously, I need to break out my classical stuff again. I think I missed 3/4 of the mashups. haha.

  2. PDQBach/Peter Schickele get’s way too little credit, as does the Greater Hoople orchestra. As someone who played trumpet (and didn’t suck too badly) for 8 years, I can appreciate the concentration required to play some of the stuff that Schickele comes up with.