Nota Bene #8: Day Fit for a King

Greetings, readers, welcome to another messy batch of linkage old, new and somewhere in between for your reading pleasure, carefully selected by our panel of experts, i.e., me. ∞ Speaking of linkfeasts, mark your Outlook calendars: Fear and Loathing (along with Change Therapy, Fallen Words, Anja Merret and Fiction Scribe) will co-host a five-site interconnected blog megacarnival on January 30. Our own Edmundo Rocha is planning to be in on the action . . . The BBC reports that the darkest ever material known to science has been made in a US lab, darker even than Ronald Reagan’s hair dye . . . Speaking of the Great Communicator, guess what prominent Republican politician said of Reagan, “It shows you how a man of limited mental capacity simply doesn’t know what the Christ is going on in the foreign area.” Answer here . . . Hope each of you are able to pony up your $8,000 to help pay for the War on Terror™ . . . This reminds me of A. Whitney Brown‘s observation that in China, there are so many people that even if someone says you’re one in a million, there are a thousand other guys just like you . . . The CIA set up an X-Files-like “uber-intelligence group” called ONE to study UFO sightings. This and other revelations courtesy friend of S&R Darryl Mason . . . Gore Vidal’s take on the media-shunned Peace Gnome, Dennis Kucinich . . . Collecting meteorites ain’t just for pasty geeks. See for yourself as Michael Farmer travels all the way to Colombia for a few fragments of space rock . . . Check out the amazing rapid 3D scene modelling—from a video source, no less—of VideoTrace . . . No less than Derek Jacobi casts doubt on the authorship of Shakespeare’s classic works. And he’s not alone, as the BBC reports . . . Project Censored sheds light on the top censored stories for 2008 . . . Who said the biggest threat facing America is the move towards “a fascist theocracy?” He was decades ahead of his time, in more ways than one. Watch and listen to the one and only Frank Zappa on CNN’s Crossfire in 1986 . . . Iraq War veteran and fellow Coloradan Raf Noboa says, please, stop thanking me for my service . . . Will-he-or-won’t-he-run NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg blasts the trendy anti-immigration sentiment of the far right in a stirring speech . . . And finally, listen to this stirring speech and how it resonates today. ∞