Human Events Thompson nod a non-event

Just over a week ago, the news that the conservative propaganda clearinghouse known as Human Events heartily endorsed Fred Thompson for President barely made a ripple outside the righty blogosphere.

That’s probably because Drop Dead Fred, despite his ample frame, has barely made a ripple himself in the primary pool thus far. He’s limping along in 4th or 5th place in Nevada right now, beaten once again by Romney, McCain, even the relentless Ron Paul. He might get a boost in South Carolina, where his demonizing brand of redneck swagger unfortunately seems to resonate. Perhaps that’s what Human Events is banking on.

Founded in 1944, the magazine has developed a safe Net haven for a murder of right-wing crows, including Newt Gingrich, Bob Novak, Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Buchanan, and the Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the West, Ann Coulter.

This blog has previously noted Mr. Novak’s peculiar obsession with Thompson as far back as May 2007, but it was muddled in August when Novak revealed that he’d actually like to see Ron Paul as president. What gives? Maybe Novak has a nameless minion ghostwriting for him too.

At any rate, Thompson coulda used the Human Events nod before Iowa; he’s been beaten like a gong in most of the races thus far. Why a late endorsement for a seeming loser? Something Rovian sinister in the works behind the scenes? Will zombie Ronald Reagan rise from the grave to stump for his political descendant? Are Romney, McCain, etc. all going to commit campaign-dooming gaffes in days to come? Is Thompson going to tear open his shirt at the next debate to reveal bulging pecs and a colorful cape?

Maybe it’s simply because, as Jay Cost observed in The Wall Street Journal, “Human Events is no longer the significant intellectual force it was three decades ago.”


Further accidental humor was evidenced in a recent email distributed by Human Events that is essentially a fundraising pitch for their man Thompson, penned by his campaign manager, Bill Lacy. At the very top of the email appears, “The following is a paid political advertisement. Please note, it does not necessarily reflect the editorial positions of Human Events.”

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  1. “Human Events is no longer the significant intellectual force it was three decades ago.”

    Are any of them? National Review? Commentary? The Weekly Standard? Were they ever?

    Well, no. Though they were once political forces. (I’m partial to NewsMax myself.)

    Nice lively blog. Would like to hear more from this author!