Saturday Video Roundup: Unbearable YouTube moments…

The last couple of weeks have been awfully darned uplifting at SVR, what with all the talented kiddies we’ve been pimping for you. So today we’re going to drag the standards back down a little, as we honor the noble bear. (Well, okay, maybe “honor” is the wrong word.)

First, you need a Tiddy Bear.

Next, everybody sing along with the Gummi Bear Song!

No, I don’t have any freakin’ idea, either. But this should clear things up – you remember Yogi Bear, right? (By the way, this isn’t safe for work. Or home. For that matter, it’s probably not safe for a herd of sailors on shore leave.)

Well, that’s about enough of that, huh? Look on the bright side – the rest of your day is bound to better than this…

Thx to Mike Smith for the Yogi theme.

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