An open letter to Steven Milloy

Earlier today I posted an extended analysis of the reporting, good and bad, surrounding the recent California Department of Public Health study on thimerosal and autism rates.

But then I got to wondering. What would a cynical, bought-up corporatist whore of an environmental holocaust denier who’d sell his own mother for a nickel’s profit think about the study? I know – let’s ask Steven Milloy!

The vaccine preservative Thimerosal is not linked with autism, a new study reports.

This is factually incorrect, as I explain in my earlier article. But go on.

The data also suggest that the dilettante “scientist” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. should perhaps go back to practicing law and stop exploiting parental fear and suffering for his own political agenda.


A classic test in epidemiological study is to observe what happens to the rate of disease when the suspected agent is removed. When Thimerosal was removed, the rate of disease was unaffected.

Ironically, it has taken the removal of Thimerosal to vindicate it.

Dear Mr. Milloy,

Your competence with actual science hasn’t improved much, has it?

I hope you won’t take this in the wrong way, but you need to shut up, step off and sit the fuck down. There’s only a handful of people in America who have combatted our nation’s good faith pursuit of knowledge and truth as tenaciously as you have, and of that elect few damned near none are in your league when it comes to pumping filthy cash into the distortion process.

I encourage those who haven’t already acquainted themselves with your brand of “research” to click the link above and review my colleague Brian Angliss’ painstakingly detailed taxonomy of your lie machine, which is to facts what Guantanamo Bay is to suspected terrorists.

This isn’t about thimerosal, Mr. Milloy. When all is said and done you may turn out to be correct on the issue (even a blind pig will find a truffle occasionally). But even if Mr. Kennedy proves to be Satan incarnate we don’t want to hear from you. Not now, not ever.

America needs ethics lectures from you like we need parenting lectures from Britney’s mom.


Sam Smith

Note: Of course Milloy’s opinion appeared at FOX “News” – what were you expecting, NPR?

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  2. It’s a shame one can’t be tried for future crimes, a la Minority Report. I have no doubt Milloy’s publicity stunts are nothing short of reckless endangerment and manslaughter for young and future Americans.