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Boil the tar and fluff the feathers: Nancy's back!

nancy-grace-med-rec.JPGBy Ann Ivins

Hey, ya’ll! Nancy Grace, the doyenne of FactLite® crime reporting, is back from maternity leave with a renewed zest for her selfless work as a victims’ rights advocate. If any of you Graceites are concerned that her recent brush with mortality and the demands of motherhood might have dulled her bloodlust, never fear: the lady was all over HNN this morning, looking fit as a vengeful fiddle and rarin’ to go. Accused criminals, watch out! Nancy has returned as your judge, jury and would-be executioner… and I’m betting she’ll still find time to decapitate her mate and devour her own young.

That woman can do it all.

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  1. There is one good thing about this screeching brain-dead harpy. She inspired the “Gracie Jane” character on BOSTON LEGAL. And that’s not a representation that’s doing her any favors.

  2. Now that she has spawned, I get a cozy “mama alien” image a la Aliens. Now that she has a mouth to feed, no inconvenient fact or plea for less drama will stand between her and her paycheck.

  3. Oh, Sam, I know! And I love that her character’s been banged on the head with a shovel and done the nasty with William Shatner’s Denny Crane.