Saturday Video Roundup: Let's get organized…

One of the great things about the Internets is that there’s a whole world of stuff out there you don’t know about, never imagined, that’s just insanely amazing. And periodically somebody will send you a link, as fellow Scrogue Mike Sheehan did this past week, saying “hey, check this out.” And it will be so feckin’ amazing it will just pin your ears back.

So, apparently they have contests for kids to see who’s best at playing the Electone organ. And, just, sweet fancy Jesus. Like this little girl, who was apparently 10 when this was filmed.

I think this is the same kid, now a little older.

And then there’s this girl. Damn – does Steve Walsh know about this?

Here’s hoping she comes back next year and takes on the “2112 Overture,” huh?

Well, that’s it for today. Join us next week when we’ll try to find something that lives up to the standard these young virtuosos have set for us all.

Hasta, and again, Happy New Year…

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  1. Number one is truly soulful and has a great career ahead of her. But the Electone is the cheesiest sounding keyboard since the infamous Farfisa (think “Wooly Bully” or the Sir Douglas Quintet).