scholars and rogues

National Republican Congressional Committee declares war on Christmas!

Why does the RNCC make Baby Jesus cry?

Thanks to Andrew White for the tip.

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  2. I’m sure O’Reilly will condemn the NRCC and Tom Cole for this aggregious attack on Christmas and christianity……..Right???? Don’t hold your breath!!

  3. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Merry Kawanza to all. Enjoy the time off to reflect on our prosperity, our great country, our great traditions (Christmas is one of them!!) and a better future. Forget the weak, politically correct worms that crawl underneath us. God Bless America! Now what? What? Yea! Yea!

  4. The NRCC will not get a penny from me until they start acknowledging that
    Christmas is an American holiday that is celebrated across the earth! Forget the very weak, yes, sissy weak “Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.” The NRCC should start standing for American values, and they should not worry about offending .005% of this country’s nuts on the “Left coast”. American wants and demands leadership and accountability, not sissies. Amen.

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