Nota Bene #7: Happy Festivus

Here’s the latest issue of Nota Bene, our roguedelic kalinkescope. Enjoy. ∞ You can’t just blame the heartless bastards in China for allowing lead paint-ridden toys into the U.S. Check what our own heartless bastards have been up to … Loathe as we are to discuss anything regarding the foul Ann Coulter, couldn’t pass this one up. So where does the Genderless One hang when she’s not calling people “fag?” Why, a gay-friendly eatery, of course, with a pic to prove it … America’s “greediest executive,” mighty Christ-bot Philip Anschutz, is on a commercial crusade to transform Hollywood into Holywood. “The vast majority of Americans have never heard of him,” writes Bill Berkowitz for Media Transparency, “which is just the way he prefers it” … If you have young kids and you haven’t sat and watched the show Yo Gabba Gabba! with them, you are seriously depriving yourself … In the spirit of Ambrose Bierce, here are the “Pocket Paradigms” of Sam Smith. No, not our esteemed colleague Sam Smith, it’s the Sam Smith who founded Progressive Review … Photographer Luis Sinco of the Los Angeles Times tells a bittersweet story of two lives blurred together by a single photo … “Dear Santa: I have just one Xmas request. Please out Patrick McHenry once and for all. Thanks! Hugs, America” … VoteVets.org has come up with a nifty idea: Chickenhawk of the Day. The feature could theoretically stretch for years … Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil fame has finally climbed the hill in Australia, having been appointed a cabinet minister under new PM Kevin Rudd. But will it be a good thing or a bad thing? … Segregation rears its ugly head in Israel, and it’s not between Jews and Muslims. Ynetnews has more on the “true state of racism” in the Holy Land … Speaking of discrimination, David Margolick at Vanity Fair recalls the historic 1957 desegregation of Little Rock Central High School and an iconic photograph in an in-depth, heart-breaking article … And finally – Hey space junkies, here are three lovely words for ya: Google Star Map. ∞