Corruption Unbound as Jacob Zuma takes over South Africa

Imagine you were corrupt, and imagine you were a politician. But I repeat myself.

Jacob Zuma, the women-abusing, criminal thug darling of the African National Congress, has become the new president of the ANC. Since, in South Africa, it is the party which runs the country (rather than, in more civilised lands, where elected politicians run the country) this – effectively – puts Zuma in charge.

The Scorpions are South Africa’s elite police service, a version of the US FBI. They are tasked with tackling corruption at the highest levels. They are about to file criminal proceedings against Zuma on bribery charges related to the government’s multi-billion Dollar arms deal scandal.

The first act of Zuma is to scrap the Scorpions. The unit is to be disbanded within months.

Note that this is a decision of the ANC – not parliament. Rather like the Republicans deciding that the FBI are getting too close and shutting the organisation down without going through Congress.

More interestingly is who is the king behind the thrown throne. Most commentators (including your humble servant, esq) agree that Zuma is too dumb to swallow his own saliva. So the real power rests in his newly elected deputy, Kgalema Motlanthe. Two years ago a bank set up by the ANC – the Land Bank – aimed at providing loans to aspirant farmers lent 40% of its total equity – R 800 million – to one company. That company “lost” the lot. The primary shareholder in that company? Ah, yes, that would be Motlanthe. To date no-one has had to answer in any way for this bit of corruption.

Run Forrest, Run.

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  1. FYI – The ANC has proposed this, but Government has to make this decision . Get your facts straight before reporting bullsh*t

  2. So, with the entire NEC in the Zuma camp, and the ANC having 70% of parliament under their control … explain, how does a decision of the ANC executive NOT become law?

    Indeed it is bullshit that a political party, dominated by people elected by no more than 0.001% (i.e the 4 000 voting members) of the electorate, gets to decide for EVERYONE how the country should be run.

  3. How anyone can thing democracy is alive and well in South Africa is beyond me. It is a one party state in effect.

  4. SA is run to the ground by ANC, corruption & horrible crime is rampant. South Africa will be a new Zimbabwe in next 10 years

  5. I’m serioiusly thinking of leaving the country. I feel powerless to change the way things are going. Looks like on a downward spiral. How does everyone else not see what we see about this man? Maybe it’s that special shower he took after having intercourse with an HIV positive woman?

  6. It’s frustrating, but not the end of the world. I can tell you it’s different from Zimbabwe, but I think that might be the seeds of another post 😉