Nota Bene #6: Fire Organ

Welcome to another edition of Nota Bene, the steamin’ hot pot of S&R link stew. A little bit of old, a little bit of new, a whole lot of yummy. Enjoy! ∞ Imagine living longer, having more sex, and eating more without gaining weight. Caveat: you’d be a gen-modded mouse Salon‘s Sidney Blumenthal writes about the “steady degeneration of the press over the past few decades” … And you Gen-X’ers thought your lives were shit. Reggie at TvNewsLIES spells out the sad start for the Bush generation … Remember, this Australian man proudly waves the American flag though he lives in Communist China with his Chinese wife. What a patriotAndrew Sullivan posits at The Atlantic that one White House candidate could transcend nagging questions that have divided the Boomers and distorted politics. Find out of whom he speaks … “Ha! Ha! Ha! Merry Christmas!” … “Bush may be financing al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.” Yes, you read that right. The Existentialist Cowboy makes the case … Quick question: Which presidential candidate’s wife says America has “a rigged and a fake political system?” Hint: he has zero chance of being elected … Believe it or not, Dennis Kucinich (the answer to the previous question) is being challenged for his Congressional seat by an anti-war activist … If you’re one of the rare birds who has some extra money on hand during this holiday season, I got three things you oughta check out: Lalmba, Mercy & Sharing, and KUVO. Good people, worthy causes … For the esoteric sound lovers among you: experience Odd Music, a Fire Organ, a Vegetable Orchestra, and 10 wee recording foul-ups that made the album … Duh…! … Jesus is the reason for the season—Jesus Manual Cordova, that is. Y muchas gracias, Rep. Grijalva … And finally, the battle is over for a brave warrior. Rest in peace, Dan Fogelberg. ∞