Dodd filibuster teaches a valuable lesson about the American Mess

As Martin noted earlier, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) is filibustering ill-conceived legislation that would give telecommunications companies a pass for engaging in illegal spying activities on behalf of the Bush administration.

Those of you who were hopeful in the wake of last year’s sweep of both houses of Congress by the alleged opposition party, and those who are hopeful that the Democrats will also take the White House next year, should take note of something: the filibuster is being conducted against Democratically driven legislation by a member of the majority party.

This isn’t a case of outgunned Dems manning the gunports at the Alamo against the evil Republican majority. This is a handful of Dems being forced to defend the Constitution against their own goddamned gutless, bought-and-sold, whoremongering Democratic colleagues – and yes, I’m talking about you, Harry Reid.

Be hopeful if you want, but I have not so far been able to find the names of presidential frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama among those who will support Sen. Dodd’s filibuster. Maybe that will change, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Pay attention, people – a valuable lesson is being taught in Washington today. Are you smart enough to learn from it?

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  1. Well said, Sam.

    It’s a shameful day when members of one party have to fight both their own colleagues and the opposition to do what is right. But this can also be a glorious day to remind certain Senators of who they work for and why.

  2. That’s true, but it’s not the way it should be. They work for us. They took an oath to serve the public, not corporate moneyed interests. Of course, we know that politics is the art of corruption and compromise, but there comes a time when you simply cannot sit back and let it be tolerated any longer.

    This is that time now.

  3. Wait until you see the Dr. Slammy platform plank on electoral reform. It’s gonna melt the bloomers right off of Harry Reid’s pasty white ass.

  4. I will send the money i have been withholding from the Dem. party to Dodds campaign.At last a dem with balls.

  5. I gave money to Dodd Friday night. If only I could find enough of my friends to pony up the $22,000 necessary to buy Harry Reid or Jay Rockefeller. Or enough roasted goats to buy off Barbara Mikulski (just saw her on cspan2 and am disgusted – she was aptly followed by Jeff Sessions on this one).

    The Dems that are only willing to fight a sure thing are WORSE than their GrOPer counterparts. At least the GrOPers were willing to fight.

  6. I saw queen Pelosi sweep in to ‘lead’ Congress this morning on C-SPAN. Made me want to retch.. her clothing accentuated her bust, and she made a Catholic cross over her heart after the invocation prayer. Maybe I’m being prejudiced, but I sure hoped we were getting something more than a sexpot Catholic Queen when the OUTSIDE DC Democratic challengers DID THE HEAVY LIFTING in election 2006, and put Nancy in the Speaker’s chair… and now she looks like a Catholic Queen decked out in precious gems and silk finery.
    Certainly the House Dems on eve of election ’06 didn’t do much “leading” – Rep. Conyers was forced to hold his impeachment inquirey IN THE BASEMENT, the damn Repubs wouldn’t give him a conference room! Now that Nancy is Queen of the House, she, too, is FORBIDDING Conyers from discussing impeachment. Absolutely discraceful how our Congress is now a wing of the Scalia/Bush/Rove/Cheney COUP of 2000, thanks to Nancy the Queen.

    This link is one of the products of Queen Nancy’s imperial disregard for the Serfs in her land… Alabama Gov. DON SIEGELMAN was not only ROBBED of his re-election campaign by a KARL ROVE led election-time PROSECUTION, but now Siegelman is SITTING IN PRISON, OFF LIMITS TO REPORTERS, because of the extremely PARTISAN Republican prosecution.
    In what can only be called GROSS CORRUPTION, Nancy REFUSES to notice the Siegelman abuse of justice, nor has she done much of anything re other aspects of Karl Rove’s PURGE-GATE scandal, the purge of US Attorneys (every last one of them an actual Republican) who were NOT willing to file FALSE and MALICIOUS, perjurous charges against Democratic candidates and vote registration activists.
    To save America’s Democracy, it is essential to realize that Nancy Pelosi is now a charter member of the neo-con WAR PARTY.


    oops- Here’s that’s the link to Mark Crispin Miller’s post about the political LYNCHING of Alabama Dem. Governor DON SIEGELMAN by Karl Rove’s Southern lynch-mob prosecutors….
    …..done with the (retroactive) BLESSINGS of Queen Nancy Pelosi, who pretends not to notice “PURGE-GATE” and/or Gonzales perjury; and with the blessings of the the neo-con lyin’ New York Slimes, and the cowardly, lying Washington Whore Post.

  8. Hillary, Obama, Biden have said they would support Dodd’s filibuster. The others are not in the Senate.

    As a voter from Connecticut, the Constitution State, I’m grateful to Chris Dodd for reviving the Spirit of the Charter Oak., when Connecticut colonists were the first to defy King George by refusing to surrender their land grant to the King’s envoy, by snuffing the candles and making the CT. Charter disappear.

    Now you see immuunity, now you don’t. Works for me.