Satuday Video Roundup: geek tragedies

Our good friend Mike Smith, who has afflicted this space before says: “I swear I didn’t hunt for these.” He’s blaming them on a co-worker named “Fryda.” I don’t know this Fryda, but I know Mike, and I’m skeptical. Anyway, in this first bit, somebody needs to spend some time in training classes at PetSmart. And I’m not talking about the dog.

Next, let’s be honest. Who hasn’t wanted to dial 1-900-NERD-GIRL?

Finally, a behind the scenes look at the Nerd Call Center, In this Saturday Night Live skit, no-talent embarrassments to the legacy of Belushi, Curtin and Aykroyd make fun of people who are at least good at something. (Oh, I’m sorry – was I editorializing? My bad.)

Join us next week when we hope to present a holiday SVR with something to offend everybody.

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  1. The really disturbing part of the first video for me was that the person video taping just kept taping instead or pulling the dog off the little kid.

  2. I think the other thing i found was disturbing was how the little boy just tried to keep playing his stupid video game while the dog went about making him his Biatch.