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The new look

As some of you have noticed, we’ve had a few technical problems. As best we can tell, the issues have been about one part bad CSS template to four parts Microsoft sucks. IE7 had a couple little issues and IE6 just gakked on the old design. Not that you really ought to still be using IE6, but we’re trying to accommodate as many folks as possible. It wasn’t all IE, though – Safari had a couple problems, as well.

So we have now installed a new template that we hope fixes the issues we were seeing without creating any new ones. In all likelihood this is a temporary measure – tech master Brian Angliss (many thanks for all his hard work behind the scenes in the last couple of months, by the way) is probably going to start work at some point on a custom template that will serve us permanently.

For now, enjoy the slightly new look, and if you have technical issues please hit the contact link above.

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  1. I’ve had the misfortune to be stuck using IE6 for a training class these last few days, and S&R just rendered awfully. Now it looks perfectly fine. Mad kudos to Brian the tech ninja master for setting this new template up.

  2. I still have trouble opening your site with IE7 on 12/14. Oh well, I’m certain you’ll get it fixed.