Nota Bene #5: Try Them for War Crimes

We’re happy to revive a feature that’s been dormant way too long: Nota Bene, the Scholars & Rogues smorgasbord of yummy links from around the blogosphere. We’ve got must-reads, should’ve-reads, gotta-check-it-outs, omg’s, wtf’s, lol’s and so on. It’s like a Scrogue version of the famous Garbage Plate. So have a fork and bib handy and enjoy…

“They must be tried for war crimes.” So say ArtOfMentalWarfare.com and NIN’s Trent Reznor, in a bold attempt to attract the attention of the We Don’t Give a Shit Generation … Behold the “five best new, grassroots progressive infrastructure projects in America,” courtesy contest winners at Open Left … A slew of Matt Taibbi pieces at Rolling Stone: On Mike Huckabee, our “favorite right-wing nut job“; how Bush allowed an army of greedheads to invade the Treasury; and the “fourth-rate buffoons” running for president on the War Party–er, GOP ticket … If there’s anything good about melting glaciers, it’s the recovery of a few lost souls … Huffington Post’s Larry Womack turns the tables on breeder hypocrites in a brilliant tongue-in-cheek piece, “Patterns of Perversion” … David, Tim and Gareth of BBC's classic 'The Office'If you loved the “Quiz” episode of BBC’s ‘The Office,’ you’ll enjoy reading this about Denver’s fiery trivia scene, which I’ve been a part of for over 10 years … For you JFK assassination buffs, former Washington Post editor & writer Jefferson Morley has a piece in Playboy that details new findings on the JFK assassination. Also, check this out, and this too, while you’re at it (warning: graphic, of course) … Don’t you love watching shady—or hell, any—religions squirm? Genometastic! … Rolling Stone scores an interview with author William Gibson, who says in the future, distinguishing the digital from the real will be “literally impossible” … “It was as if someone had poured tons of coffee and milk into the ocean, then switched on a giant blender.” Check out pix of the freak “Cappuccino Coast” yourself … Colorado Confidential does an exclusive Q&A with zillionaire and rising political star Jared Polis, who just got back from a trip to Iraq … Yay, Futurama is back! … Former world champion boxer Oscar de La Hoya has purchased the esteemed boxing magazine, The Ring, “The Bible of Boxing.” Here’s hoping the Golden Boy can keep one of the few bright things left in the world of pugilism on the up and up … While all you Blade Runner junkies are anxiously awaiting the release of the final final cut, check out this interview with BR know-it-all Paul M. Sammon, author of the Blade bible Future Noir. Then check out the Wired Q&A with Ridley Scott himself … Last but not least, our beloved Peace Gnome, Dennis Kucinich, wants a Ron Paul Day for himself on December 15. You can make it happen, people! ∞

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  1. “When the feared upsurge for straight white people didn’t materialize, neither did meaningful action against a preventable disease.”

    Interesting…thanks for the link to the Black Agenda Report.

    The Pub Quiz…there’s at least one in most towns in the UK.