Blackwater explained for the Dick and Jane crowd….


See Erik Prince.

See Erik Prince dodge responsibility for Blackwater actions. See Erik Prince get rich(er) from Blackwater. See State Department toadies get bonuses for helping Blackwater get even more money from taxpayers.

See Erik Prince smirk.

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  1. There are people in the world who hate Erik Prince more than they hate Bush II. He better be careful lest some Iraqi with a grudge against his company gets into the US and comes after him.

    “See Erik Prince felled by a grief-stricken assassin’s bullet” might not be the best ending for him.

    Alas, he’s bilked the taxpayers out of so much money that he can afford to hire his own company as bodyguards….

  2. Dare I say I am one that is not angered by the service Blackwater provides. It free’s up elite troops to go get the bad guys instead of guarding embassy’s and VIP’s.

    Do a little experiment, send a high/low profile VIP into a hot zone and tell him/her that their “security detail” is a platoon of National Guard Cooks from New Hampshire..take a picture of their face right as you tell them… priceless. no one would ever go over.

  3. Not bad for an Amway boy. Oh wait, his sister married the Amway offspring. That’s right, Eric inherited his money and lives off the public teat.

    I always get a kick out guys like that. Especially Tom Friedman, the columnist, who married the billionaire real estate heiress.

    I’d say work to most of these people is a foreign concept.

  4. TRMarchesano – if our government trained the National Guard better, reduced deployment durations and lengthened the time spent at home, paid our soldiers a living wage, and generally gave a damn about our military services, we wouldn’t need to hire mercenaries to guard our embassies and VIPs because the soldiers who have abandoned the military for high salaries in the private sector would still be in the military.