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Grade school politics

Remember that school yard stuff from when you were, say, a 3rd grader? You know, how kids taunted you with chants like, “You want to be President! You want to be President!”?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign does.

To combat Obama’s continued attacks on what he’s termed her “angling” for the White House, the Clinton campaign has resorted to citing – not just a 3rd grade essay, but one Obama wrote in kindergarten (!) in which he stated his desire to become President of the United States.

Let that be a lesson to all of us – go home this holiday season, get that box of your school papers your mom lovingly saved – and burn those suckers.

Or be prepared to have that essay on Transformers you wrote in elementary school come back to haunt you….

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  1. I like the comment in the article about how Obama was lucky he was born prior to widespread use of prenatal ultrasounds or who knows what the Clinton campaign would be using against him.

  2. From the politics of personal destruction to the politics of the absurd…

    The interesting thing about this story is that who knows how many third graders have written an “essay” about wanting to be president someday. Very few of them say that they want to be a server at Applebee’s when they grow up. If i were the Obama campaign, i’d turn this around and make it the classic, American Dream story.

    I once taught a class in Korea (kindergarten kids who could tell you why the American flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes…as well as the constituent parts of the Union Jack) once where they played us badly with that game. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A donkey!” “A piano!” And one little boy who was adamant about being a mail carrier…we figured he already had the necessary skills. I hope that Suzie gets to be a donkey someday, or comes close, so i can write an expose on her life long lust for power…