Saturday Video Roundup: Europe is a dangerous place

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Or maybe it just seems that way. Today’s episode of SVR owes entirely to the mad genius of our friend Mike Smith (he of Fiction 8 infamy), who has way too much spare time on his hands. Said spare time is apparently spent scouring the frontiers of YouTube for videos that should never ever have been made. As these offerings prove, we live in a strange and dangerous world.

First, what are they putting in the water in Sweden, anyway?

Denmark isn’t safe, either. At least, not for Native Americans.

And what the hell is up with Germany? First there’s Klaus Nomi (who really shouldn’t be falling in love, at least not with anything human)….

…and then there’s this. I’m not sure the subtitles help.

Homeland Security has issued a musical red alert. Stay home. And for the love of all that does not suck, stay away from your MTV.

Thank you. I’m going to fix myself a nice toddy now.

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  1. One should be careful about ridiculing the Divine Klaus. His fans can be quite viscous. Grrrrrr….

    Anyway, that ain’t Germany; that’s New York in the ’70s.

  2. Yeah, but he was FROM Germany.

    And I know about the devotion of his fans. He was on the odd side, but he definitely had something that a lot of people responded to. It was sort of like “what if we take 70s Bowie to its logical conclusion, and then keep going?”

  3. Oh, I’d like to take credit for these … wait … no, I wouldn’t. I assure you that they come to me from my so-called “friends”.

  4. I saw Klaus a couple of times back then and I found him to be utterly transcendent. But I lived over a decade of my last Incarnation in post WW1 Berlin, so there ya go…

  5. The first two were creepy, but the last two were kinda interesting. I was thinking Bowie, too, when I saw Klaus. But I cracked up out loud with the translation in the last one. Genius. 🙂